CMU Mixed Reality Tour Experience

Development of Concept

Issues of Current Campus Tours:

  • Not very personalized, have to follow tour leader.
  • Not very fun or interactive since people just walk around and look at stuff.
  • Could be intimidating for people scared to ask questions to tour guide.
  • Time constraints
Pictures of stadium and soccer field
  • What would AR afford that you can’t experience exclusively online or in person? What would it enhance? Create an experience that exists on a spectrum between being purely on the screen and purely in person.
  • How can AR make the experience enjoyable and informative?
  • In the space, how do people know where to go? What directs their path?
  • How can we take full advantage of what the HoloLens has to offer including visuals and sound?
  • What interactions can be designed to make users feel that they can be a student here?
  • What interactions with the physical world can be designed? Users can interact with the physical world, not just experience everything through the HoloLens screen. Students will engage with the school more authentically if they experience something and not just look at something.
  • What are key stories that need to be told about CMU? How can this be done in the space?
  • When users approach a stop, how do they know there is an interaction there? How do they know when to leave?
  • Why should this be created? What are we hoping to achieve?
  • Users can choose what events that occur at the stadium they want to see, for example club and intramural sports, varsity sports like football and track and field, kiltie band, cheerleading, and commencement.
  • Looking at the scoreboard, there can be an icon that allows users to gesture and see historic games and sports history at CMU.
  • Collection of points throughout the experience to make it more fun.
  • UI to ask virtual tour guide verbal questions or given a set of FAQ’s.
  • One idea was letting visitors physically interact with the world by playing or learning how to play a sport, but we don’t think showing them how to play a sport would be an effective way to introduce users to the university and to the culture of CMU. An idea could be laying out objects and as they interact with the object, information about that activity appears.
  • Action Items: Think of a way to make users follow a specific path throughout the stadium, how to capture their attention at a hotspot, how to make the experience more fun through collection of points.
As users approach the scoreboard, they can gesture and information about historic CMU games will appear.
Variations of viewing different activities that occur at the stadium.
Physical interaction idea
Points icons to show visitors that they collect points through learning information. As users get closer, the icon turns red and stands out more.
Initial Aero exploration
  • What is the information architecture? What information is presented to the user and at what time? Think about what order of information makes sense and what the user can do with this information.
  • Sport icons can be more informative and visually engaging.
  • Action items: Storyboard the interactions in more detail, take videos of space, prototype UI in Aero, physical, and AfterEffects.
Beginning of tour
Information architecture of activity viewing interaction
Prototype with Aero
Prototype in Illustrator
Intro to Gesling Stadium prototype
User on bleachers football interaction
Scoreboard Interaction
Ask Scotty question Interaction
Information boxes
Icons for activities
Activity Information Icon
(Left) First graphic users will see, (Right) Expanded information if users want to have more info
(Left) First graphic users will see for track and field, (Right) Expanded information if users want to have more info
Final activity and attention icons

Final Presentation

Final Prototype



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