A Timeline in Space

  • 3 stills of the space rendered in Rhino. (entrance, space, interaction)
  • Isometric view of entire space
  • Parti Diagram showing visitor flow
  • 2–3 videos created in After Effects prototyping the experience of someone standing in front of the projection.

Proposed Idea

Initial rendering of the space in Rhino
POV 1 renders
Entrance POV renders
Interaction POV renders
  • Create graphic for entrance wall and place on the first wall visitors see.
  • Create graphic that depict information. I’m currently not sure how I would do this technically but conceptually I think my idea is still to have the words focusing. I also want to include color and have it play the same role as the words where the colors are not as bright and vibrant early in the experience but gets more vivid as visitor continues.
  • For the video prototype I will start on that once I have a better understanding of my concept.
  1. Collage of images and photographs created by me, showing different emotions. A bunch of images that portray the same emotion on one panel.
  2. Images and transparency. Smaller images make up a larger image. One concern is that it is not emotive enough.
  3. Portray emotions through the organization of lines.
  4. Portray emotions through expressive markings
Organization of lines visualization
Expressive Drawings
Interaction POV
Walk Through POV
Isometric View of Exhibit
Prototypes created in After Effects



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